Women who boast of bust sizes above D are fortunate! They are delighted with their female colleagues and all men, but they are the only ones who know how big breasts can be. They need to be well cared for in order to maintain their healthy appearance and perfect flexibility for as long as possible. This will be helped by properly fitted women’s bras, but also by the daily care and regular examinations.

The best way to maintain the perfect look of your large bust:

  1. Monthly check-up – after reaching the age of 20, every woman should have her breasts examined once a month. In the case of a large bust, this is all the more important because it is much harder to see thickening, discolouration or nodules on it. Each gynaecologist will explain to his or her patient how to have the examination.
  2. Daily care – regularly moisturised skin retains its natural elasticity for longer. Large breasts are best lubricated twice a day – morning and evening. By the way, it is worthwhile to perform a gentle massage with circular movements, which will stimulate the skin and improve its blood supply.
  3. well-fitting bra – a badly-fitting women’s bra can seriously damage your breasts. In the case of a large bust, the most important thing is that it should have a wide, strong circumference, triple clasp and full cups. The addition of elastane in the composition will allow it to maintain its optimal shape for longer and will provide more comfort for the woman.

Exercise – although there is no exercise to lift the bust, as breasts consist of fat tissue (not muscle!), regular exercise can shape it beautifully. By the way, they improve your mood, which is of great importance for your external appearance.