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The official bra of Fashion Show – featuring smoothing sides
that disappears under everything.

Irresistible dark black

Signature Collection.

Strike an irresistible dark silhouette in the black signature collection. Sensual and timeless, luxurious black lingerie is essential for the enticing and elegant modern woman.

Sensual and Daring

This new black set is sure to set your self-confidence soaring.

Flirty Fringe Tote

Romantic Encounters

Take your pick from our bestselling items, and curate the perfect lingerie drawer.

History of men’s underwear

History of men’s underwear

Woody Allen was very right to say so: "I don't believe in the afterlife, but I will take a change of underwear just in case. After all, lingerie is nowadays an essential element of both women's and men's wardrobe, indispensable in almost all circumstances. But until a...

Sexy women’s underwear – lace lingerie

Sexy women’s underwear – lace lingerie

Nothing emphasizes beautiful female shapes so much as sensual lace lingerie. This is a real classic among lingerie sets. The pants combined with a breasts bra will awaken the imagination of every man and ignite his senses to redness. They will allow the woman to feel...

How to take care of bigger breasts?

How to take care of bigger breasts?

Women who boast of bust sizes above D are fortunate! They are delighted with their female colleagues and all men, but they are the only ones who know how big breasts can be. They need to be well cared for in order to maintain their healthy appearance and perfect...